Extra-Large (XP10) Mobile Speedway from Checkered Flag Interactive Racing™

Checkered Flag Interactive Racing™ brings 2 foot remote control NASCAR® repicas to events.

This is our original mobile racetrack system offering 10th scale racing with cars that are nearly two feet long. As we mentioned on our about page we spent more than a year renovating this system, making it the most technologically advanced in the country. Everyone who steps behind the wheel of these super addictive racecars benefits from the time and money we invested.

Our Extra-Large (XL10) Mobile Speedway is perfect for medium to large events.

This package features:

  • Six of our super realistic race cars.
  • Six steering consoles.
  • A 28′ long by 16′ wide banked oval racetrack.
  • Our computerized race-control system.
  • Our computerized scoreboard (which can be customized with client specific logos, slogans or branding messages).
  • Our 55″ video monitor to display our scoreboard.
  • Our standard P.A. sound system for race announcements and realistic sound effects and background music.
  • Two uniformed pit crew members to host the racing.




You can further enhance your guests’ racing experience with our Additional Option and Upgrades. And with our Souvenir Photo/Lead Capture Add-On, you will give participants a branded gift while capturing their contact data.

Depending on your event specifics, we may have alternate track layouts available. Ask your event consultant for details.