Checkered Flag Interactive Racing’s™ Frequently Asked Questions

We answer your frequently asked questions…

DSC_4287-name-cr-web-optQuestion: Are these slot cars?
Answer: This is the biggest misconception people make about our systems. NO THEY ARE NOT! These are remote control cars, so you are in complete control of the speed and the steering.

Question: Is this only for race fans?
Answer: Absolutely not! The photos and videos found throughout this website should prove that everyone has a great time participating in our race experience. In fact, women have proven to be some of our most prolific and successful drivers.

Question: How much space does you need to set up?
Answer: There are several different track configurations we can use, but generally we need a clear space approximately 30′ x 40′ for our Extra Large (XL10) Mobile Speedway and 15′ x 20′ for the Extremely Portable (XP18) Ultra-Compact Racetrack.

Question: Do you travel?
Answer: Absolutely! We are a nationwide company who does most of its work outside of our home state.

Question: Is this the same as Micro-Reality?
Answer: See below…

Question: How many people will get to drive the cars at our event?
Answer: The exact number depends on a variety of different things and until we get a better understanding of how your event will be structured it is a difficult question to answer. But we can typically run somewhere between 10 and 15 races per hour, so that could be upwards of 100 racers per hour.

Question: How far out do I need to book my event?
Answer: This is also a difficult thing to answer. Each year we have some clients who re-book their next event immediately following their current one. And we also have taken calls for last-minute events and been on-site racing cars within a week of the initial call. But the sooner you lock in your date the better.

Question: Are you just a booking agency?
Answer: Heck no! Every single event we do is produced by our staff using our equipment. We will NEVER take your event and they scramble to find a local vendor to bring out whatever equipment he has. This practice is pervasive in the event industry and we feel it is criminal.

Question: My question isn’t here?
Answer: No problem, give us a call or shoot us an email and we will be happy to answer it for you.

Is Checkered Flag Interactive Racing The Same As Micro-Reality?

Av-3-600w-optimizedWe get this question alot, so it deserves it’s own section.

Micro-Reality® is the brand name of a popular portable remote control stock car race system. They were the originators of the equipment used for this type of event entertainment. In the 90’s when Micro-Reality® was released, there was absolutely nothing else like it! As the years have gone by, the technology they utilized has become obsolete. Unfortunately a majority of the companies who operate Micro-Reality® systems are still running thier original 20 year old systems.

Checkered Flag Interactive Racing’s Extra Large (XL10) remote control NASCAR®-style portable racetrack started out as a Micro-Reality® system. But pretty much all of original Micro-Reality elements have been replaced by state-of-the-art components from third-party sources.

Admittedly, our racetrack and remote control stock cars still look similar to a standard Micro-Reality system on first glance. But the differences are quite significant – particularly with regards to performance, reliability and professional appearance. Some of the photos on our web-site were taken before or during our renovation process, displaying some of the similarities and differences between Micro-Reality® elements and what we currently use.

To clarify, this conversation is exclusively about our large XL10 track. Our Extremely Portable XP18 Ultra-Compact track is a proprietary system designed and built from the ground up by us and a partner.

Why would you care about any of this? Because when you hire someone to provide an entertainment service for your event, the outcome reflects on you personally. With Checkered Flag Interactive Racing™ and the equipment we provide, you can rest assured that the system will work as promised and it will look professional. That seems like it should be a given, doesn’t it? Unfortunately with some of our competitors it is not. The reason is that they are still using 20+ year old equipment, some of which had reliability issues when it was new. You and your event attendees, deserve better! That’s the philosophy that Checkered Flag Interactive Racing™ has built its entire business model around.